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Knowledge is power, right? Below, Getahead taps into like-minds who leveraged their skills to achieve great things in their industries. Regardless of the differing brands, industries and abilities, these entrepreneurs all shared a goal of wanting to shoot for the stars. You’ll learn first-hand how each individual or partnership took their initial plunge, and got started in turning their passion into a profession. With life lessons to impart, and helpful hints and sage advice on offer, each reveals nothing is out of reach and it’s never too late to make a change; it just takes one spark to start.

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City Cave Founder, Episode 1

The hustle and bustle of our modern-day cities juxtaposed with the respite and safety of caves to our primitive ancestors is the inspiration behind CityCave. Their franchise haven offers urbanites a chance to relax, recover and in many cases relieve pain with sensory deprivation float tanks, saunas, massage, and more.

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Meet the Acai Brothers, Episode 2

Understand the financials. Chat to a mentor. Those are the two biggest tips Acai Brothers co-founders Benny and Sam can offer anyone looking to start a business.

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Belinda Agnew, Episode 1

The recruitment industry has largely stayed the same for many years now – however, the industry is changing, and the way employers are seeking their talent is too!